Statewide Legal Services is a non-profit telephone hotline helping callers with legal problems in Connecticut. We talk to callers about many different non-criminal legal problems. Some of the problems we can talk to you about include family, employment, public benefits, housing and consumer problems like bankruptcy. There is no charge for our services, but we can only help people with very low income.

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If you are eligible for our services, we may be able to give you advice to help you with your legal problem. We might also refer you to another legal aid office or to a Pro Bono attorney.  Our resources are limited and we cannot help everyone, even though you may qualify for our services.  We will help you if we can. 


This web site has a library to help you with information about a legal problem.  Our library is on CTLawHelp.org.  It is a self-help web site created by the legal services programs in Connecticut where you can find free information about legal problems.

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